Capricorn horoscope rising sign

You may come off as mature and restrained, or even all-business, because you want to stay in control.

Here's a better astrology-based flirting strategy than "what's your sign?"

This is hard for you, and you will work hard to overcome patterns of co-dependency. Stability is a big deal for earth sign moons, making Capricorn moons more no-nonsense when it comes to feelings. It's not that you are unfeeling, but you do not want to feed into another's beliefs about victimhood or dependency. Some might not understand your fixation on material matters, but this is how you create balance. Capricorn moon people are big achievers because of your natural instinct for working toward attainable goals.

You are in it to win it, and willing to give up short-term gratifications for the end goal.

Rising Signs: Capricorn

In fact, you might have a hard time kicking back and taking it easy. If you are a Capricorn moon, you might not warm up to others until they have proven worthy of your time.

Sun enters Scorpio

You might likely assess others through the lens of how they can further your worldly ambitions. You are happiest with a dream in the process since you are not likely to enjoy idle time. You might enjoy spending your free time coming up with investment strategies to assure a well-funded future. Your inner world might seem musty and dark at times, which you try to cover up with dry humor. A Capricorn moon that slips into melancholy can seem immovable and will likely only re-emerge when you have found a goal worth building brick by brick.

Once a relationship tie of any kind is formed, you will prove to be loyal and generous with your resources. The Sixth House represents work and health 7. The Seventh House represents marriage and long-term partnerships 8. The Eighth House represents both transformation and sexuality 9. The Ninth House represents belief systems and faith The Tenth House represents careers and responsibility The Eleventh House represents aspirations and personal goals The Twelfth House represents privacy, secrets and karma.

If your head is spinning right now, just pay attention to your first, fourth, seventh and tenth house. The interesting thing about houses is they may reveal or confirm your strengths and weaknesses. It also makes sense that I fall victim to impulsive spending shout-out to my unnecessary — but also necessary — shoe purchase a week ago. A quick word on your rising sign. Many astrologists say this one is your third most important placement, after your sun and moon signs.

As mentioned, your ascendant represents your public identity. It can often manifest in your clothing or really any decisions related to your outward-facing identity such as hair color, piercings or overall style. It also might symbolize how you respond to your immediate surroundings and your attitude towards everyday life. Some argue that planets are even more important than houses. In the process of their orbits, planets move in and out of the zodiac constellations, lingering in some much longer than others, depending on the speed and size of their orbits.

Which planets are in which constellations? The answer will help you read into your personality even more.

What's My (Rising) Sign? Free Ascendant Calculator Tool

Mercury, Venus and Mars are called the inner planets due to their changeability and closeness to Earth. For that reason, precision with your birth place and time is far more important for these. The signs that fall within the inner-planet placements dictate your core personality traits, needs and desires. For instance, those with earth signs in Mercury Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo will likely be very reasonable, observant people. Those with air signs in Mercury Gemini, Aquarius, Libra are most effective communicators when writing and public speaking. Fire signs in Mercury Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are passionate and sometimes hot-headed in arguments.

Water signs in Mercury are highly emotional and likely to avoid confrontation. It speaks to the ways in which you express affection, what you look for in a partner and generally what you find attractive. Mars is the planet of conflict, aggression and action.